Segmenting Lesson #3: Stop everything you're doing!

Two weeks ago we started our summer of segmentation with a quick introduction to simple segmenting. If you missed the first one, click here to read it.

Click here for week two!

This week, we're tired. Am I right?

I'm coming off of a 10-day flu bug where I questioned all of my life choices and wondered why I'd chosen entrepreneurship as a career path because sick days? Um, those don't exist here LOL.

So let's keep it simple this week with my number one simple segmenting tip because last week's tip was more of a guidebook.

So here it is. Shhhh, listen up!

It's the One Thing Strategy.

What is that you ask?

I used to get overwhelmed a lot. And one day a mentor recommended the book, The One Thing. I read a few chapters of the book, but really took to the podcasts that the author, Gary Keller hosted.

You don't need the book or the podcast really. All you need to know about this system is to tackle one thing at a time.

For me, I apply this in most areas of my life.

Housework piling up?

What's the ONE THING I could get done that needs to get done and that will get the ball rolling...not what's the entire list of stuff that needs to get done.

My daughter is in summer school and overwhelmed.

Okay, what's the ONE THING you can do first that will make the most impact?

Trying to figure out segmentation?

Okay what's the ONE THING that you can do to start?

If you are asking me, and if you're here, you might be...I'd say write an email and instead of sending it to the entire list, exclude anyone who hasn't opened an email ever. Bam, you're segmenting.

If you're a segmenting pro and you'd like my advice on the ONE THING you can do this week, it's look ahead and figure out what segment you need primed for action and build it to populate over the next 1-3 months.

Like, set up a segment that's collecting: clicks, clicks to a pre-order, clicks to a specific trope that's in the book, clicks on covers, clicks on clicks on clicks. Set a goal for yourself and see if you can get that number of subscribers into a segment by your goal date.

Okay, so that's it for this week. Tune in next Tuesday to actually see "the WHY" that I promised you last week. Why is segmenting your best strategy for sales and what happens when you implement this type of system.

Pro tip: Enrol in my segmentation course and you'll see segmenting in action inside a client case study that has a new release this month that I'm documenting in August.

Happy Emailing,


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