Segmenting Lesson #2: How to send 14 emails in one month!

Last week we started our summer of segmentation with a quick introduction to simple segmenting. If you missed that one, click here to read it.

This week, we're going to start the long journey of what to do with your segments once you have them. Because the one thing you don't want to do is have them and never use them.

Over the summer, I'm going to get specific in this area. Exact examples to be precise. So let's start with how would you use a segment that you've built that includes:

Anyone who has clicked an AUDIO link and for this exercise, we'll layer in a romance angle, anyone who has clicked on the trope survey and indicated they love the GRUMPY SUNSHINE trope.

Strategy Setup:

You've got a book that's about to release its audio version. This book also happens to have the main trope GRUMPY SUNSHINE.

4 weeks ago I started talking about this audio release, my favourite audio books, just intentionally slid an audio click call to action into every email so I could build my audio segment. In a few emails over the past year, I've been asking for reader's favourite tropes, intentionally narrowing the selection to the tropes I had books releasing in this year. And also tracked those clicks.

And now it's time to finally use that leg work and implement my segment.

I write the audio release announcement email and I also write a 24-hour, sneak peek email with perhaps a sound-bite, some info on the narrator(s) and the cover art. It's that email that goes to this specialized segment.

So, my emails might look like this (please note each segment gets their own email):

Email 1 (30 days ahead of release) - to everyone but cold segment

Email 2 - (21 days ahead of release) - to warm segment and then a duplicate to the audio segment

Email 3 - (14 days ahead of release) - to warm and audio segments

Email 4 - (7 days ahead of release) - to warm, audio and cold segments

Email 5 - (24 hours ahead of release) - only audio segment

Email 6 - (day of release) - all segments separately

Email 7 - (day after release) - audio only segment

Optional Email 8 - (2 days after release) - warm segment

Total number of emails this month: 14

Side note: This is how you get to 14 emails in a month. It's not that you're sending one reader 14 emails, it's that you're segmenting, sending to segments and excluding others from the send. You're actually only writing 7-8 emails and even those have lots of duplication inside.

Okay, so that's it for this week. Tune in next Tuesday to see "the WHY" this is a good strategy and what happens when you implement this type of system.

Pro tip: Enrol in my segmentation course and you'll see this in action inside a client case study that has a new release this month that I'm documenting.

Happy Emailing,


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